Episode #3

Face – Episode #3 Now Available!

Face Episode #3 has now been released exclusively in the Amazon Marketplace. Get it now from any tablet via the link below or search ‘Face’ or ‘Open Book Projects’ within your Amazon App.

Get it Now: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A7B34AK

About this Episode:

Episode 3: The First Clue

Harry and Sarah seek help from a friend who has something to gain from Harry’s story.  They make their way across the city as Sarah struggles with whether to continue to help her friend or get herself out of danger.  A strange connection between someone from Harry’s past and the killer, Benedict Taylor, is discovered.

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Face – Episode #3 Winner

Winner Announcement!

We have found a winner for Face Episode #3.

Congratulations to David Bays, a High School History teacher, from Charlotte, NC. He is our winner for Episode #3.

In addition to reading and writing, David enjoys running and golf in his spare time.  He is very excited to add his chapter to the exciting Face story.

Great work David. We all look forward to reading your chapter.

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Episode #3 Submissions Closed

Thank you to all of the writers out there!

We received some great chapter submissions from the community. We are looking over all of them and hope to announce a winner next week. Check back soon to get the Episode #4 deadline, Winner announcement for Episode #3 and for a link to the next chapter.

Keep writing and reading!

Episode #3 Deadline Approaching

To all Open Book Project Writers out there…

Remember Friday November 2nd is our submission deadline for Episode #3.

We’ve already got some great entries and are looking forward to see where other writers are taking the project.

If you are looking to submit a chapter remember that it needs to be at least 4 thousand words and can be submitted here http://www.openbookprojects.com/submission/

Keep writing and reading!

Episode #3 Deadline

The new deadline is here!

We hope everyone is enjoying the second chapter. We have been getting a lot of great feedback on the new characters and the direction the story is going. If you haven’t read it yet download it from the Amazon Book Store via the link below or search for the keywords ‘Face’ or ‘Open Book Projects’

Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009KVBQV2

We would like to announce the deadline for the second chapter. We will be closing the submission deadline on Friday November 2nd, 2012.

You can submit your chapters on openbookprojects.com starting in the next few days.


Keep writing!

And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Jay Ratchford of Philadelphia, PA for winning the Episode 2 submission round.


Jay wrote a compelling chapter that took our story in a new and exciting direction. His addition to the Open Book Project introduced several new characters and uncovered many new details.

You can read Jay’s chapter exclusively on the Amazon book store by clicking the link below below or searching Open Book Projects Face from your tablet application.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009KVBQV2

For a limited time get Chapter #1 for free with the $.99 purchase of Chapter #2. All purchases include new artwork.

Keep an eye out in the coming days as we announce the deadline for Chapter #3 submissions.

Keep reading and keep writing!


Welcome to OpenBookProjects!

We see the internet as a worldwide space where anyone and everyone are able to give their creativity free reign. Every user can be both consumer and creator of content.

We found this idea so exciting that we took it as basis for developing our OpenBookProjects. One person begins a story with an extreme situation, without stipulating what happens next. Instead, we want the readers themselves to spring into action and spin the tale further. At the end of every chapter, readers are invited to write their own version of what happened next and thus develop an ongoing (perhaps never-ending) story that continually takes new twists and turns.

How does OpenBookProjects work?

OpenBookProjects is a collection of individual episodes that can be strung together seamlessly to form a coherent story – similar to a TV series like Dallas.

Each new episode is available as an eBook.

At the end of the most recent chapter, readers all over the world are asked to write the next episode themselves and send it to us. From all the stories received by the deadline, an in-house jury then chooses one as the official next episode. After that episode is published, readers are again called upon to continue the story.

Have fun and be part of it!